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Certificate translation

Daxinya provides 100% professional certificate translation. Our official seal has been registered at industrial and commercial administrative department with full and complete qualifications. The documents translated and stamped by Daxinya are approved and accepted by notary offices, embassies, Bureau of Civil Affairs, Public Security Bureau, customs, CIQ, court and otherforeign affairs certification organizations. Choose Daxinya as your bestpartner for traveling aboard, obtaining a visa, and applying for notarization, public security and foreign affairs certifications.


1.       Personal certificates translation

ID card, driving license, service certificate, visa, property ownership certificate, academic transcript, diploma, student’s ID card, computer certificate, medical certificate, rating certificate, certificate of non-criminal record, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, bank statement, birth certificate, residence certificate, assets certificate, academic certificate, teaching certificate, health certificate, employment certificate, work license, notarization, etc.


2.       Corporate certificates translation

Business license, tax registration certificate, organization code certificate, bank reference letter, bill of lading, insurance policy, packing list, etc.

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