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Product Manual Translation

We are specialized in translating productsmanuals of different specialties. Daxinya is good at translating productmanuals into multi-languages and providing clients with translation –typesetting – proofreading one-stop service.


How much do you chargefor translating product manuals?

It depends on the source language, category,difficulty and number of words of the texts to be translated, delivery time andthe required translation quality. The translation fee may vary for different qualityrequirements. We suggest you send us the text to be translated so that we canprovide you a detailed quotation.


Do you have differentpricing standards for difficult quality requirements? What’s the difference?

We can provide translation of two differentquality standards:

Daxinya provides “budget translation” and “localizedtranslation”. “Budget translation”: we guarantee the translation is correct andproper in wording, syntax and grammar, and all sentences are smooth and fluentto read. This quality standard is usually required for translating technicalmanuals and similar documents. The “budget translation” is usually done by localtranslators. “Localized translation”: it requires that the native language ofthe translator must be the target language of the translation. We try to makesure the translation is smooth and idiomatic and completely fits in thecultural environment of the target language. The readers may hardly read thatthe texts are translated from another language. This quality standard isusually required for translating brochures and literary works. The paraphrasingbased on the source text is not literal translation but adaption. The adapted textwill not correspond with the source text word by word, but the translators mayrewrite the words according to their own understanding, while ensuring thesentences are smooth and fluent to read.

In most cases the translation is proofreadand polished by local proofreader, which is called the “budget translation”.The quality standard of “budget translation” is lower than “localizedtranslation”, but it requires less time and lower price to finish thetranslation. Most freelance translators and some translation companies onlyprovide “budget translation”. In order to satisfy special requirements ofclients, we also provide “localized translation” proofread by localproofreaders.

For example: “control panel” and “mobilephone” may be translated into different words in Hong Kong and in MainlandChina.

We provide “budget translation” and “localizedtranslation” according to requirement of client. You can choose one from themaccording to your actual needs.


How do you ensuretranslation quality?

After receiving translation order fromclient, the sales department will confirm with the client whether the receiveddocument is finalized, whether there are terminologies provided, and whetherthere are existing translations of company names, product names, etc. In themeantime, the sales department will also confirm with client the format of thedocument to be translated, whether typesetting is required, and if so theformat of the typesetting. The confirmed document to be translated will then besubmitted to product planning department, who will choose qualified translatoraccording to the nature and specialty of the source text. For regular clients,we will always choose the same translator for translation. The translation willbe transferred to QC department when it is done. QC department will verify thequality of the translation and issue QC report. In order to improvecomprehensive quality of our translators and complete their knowledge structure,we also provide training courses of terminologies and new knowledge points tothem on a regular basis. On the other hand, we have a unique quality trackingsystem and issue quality tracking form to make sure there is no error in eachdetail of the translation. The whole translation workflow is totally monitoredand controlled to ensure the translation is in best quality.


What are the advantagesof regular clients?

We are a time-honored translation companyand have developed many regular clients in the past 20 years. We build terminologybank for regular clients and appointed translators are arranged for theirorders. The appointed translators are more familiar with the order of regularclients and the translation will be unified in diction and style of writing.


How many specialties canyou translate?

We can translate product manuals andspecifications of various fields and specialties, such as: electronic products,automobile products, medical products, communication products, security products,digital products, legislation, machines, tourism, buildings, chemical industry,mining industry, biology, medicine, pharmacy, finance, energy, informationtechnology, textile, printing, garment, rubber, plastic, petroleum, foundation,banking, insurance, physical education, culture, building materials, logistics,transportation, physics, marketing, engineering, mathematics, statistics,religion, literature, mineral products, metallurgy, traffic, aviation, aerospace,farming, journalism, commerce and trade, art, environment protection, material,national defense, geography, etc.


How many languages canyou translate?

We can translate global languages such as:Simplified and Traditional Chinese, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish,Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Malay, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish,Finnish, Czech, Romanian, Polish, Hungarian, Greek, Turkish, Thai, Vietnamese, Burmese,Mongol, Bengalese, Tamil, Flemish, Rabbinic, Norwegian, Danish, Bulgarian, Croatian,Serbian, Slovak, Georgian, Ukrainian, Persian, Hindi, Urdu, Albanian, etc.


Our product manual isimportant, will you keep it confidential?

We know the importance of product manual toeach client, and we consider it as our basic professional ethics to keep theclient’s information confidential. Daxinya commits that your information willbe strictly kept confidential and if necessary we can sign confidentialityagreement or non-disclosure agreement with you. In normal cases, your documentswill be kept for six months before they will be completely and thoroughlydeleted from our filling system. Of course, after the translation is deliveredto you, we may delete all your information as soon as you require so.


Are there differences intypesetting of different languages?

There are countries using the same languagebut having different writing habits. Please inform us about any special typesettingrequirements as well as the specific country in which the translation will beused when placing your order so that we can handle according your requirements.


Do you have dedicatedtypesetters for product manuals?

We have our own DTP department who is specializedin typesetting. We accept the following formats: InDesign, CorelDRAW, AI, Pagemake,Freehand, CAD, Word, Excel, etc. Of course you can handle the typesetting byyourself, but we suggest you not to do so in order to avoid unnecessary errors.


Do you double check thetranslation after typesetting?

The typesetting will not deteriorate thetranslation but as a professional translation service provider we will doublecheck the translation after typesetting.

How do you handle professional productmanuals?

Some product manuals are very professionalwhich require the translators to have certain professional background andexcellent understanding to the source text. If your document is veryprofessional, please give us more time to translate and provide professionalsupports as necessary, such as terminologies or introduction of your product.In case of large translation project, we can arrange our translator to visityour company to understand your product on-site. In one word, give ourtranslators sufficient time to understand your specialty and product and verifyeach term during translation to ensure the translation is satisfactory.


Do I need to inform youabout the readers of the translation?

It helps us choose a more competenttranslator to know the readers of the translation. So please make sure to tellus the readers of the translation when placing your order.


We need the translationurgently, could you arrange the translation before we will modify the sourcetext in the future?

If your product manual is not finalizedyet, we suggest that it should be translated only after the source text isfinalized. It requires more time to edit and modify the translation, and we maycharge additionally for the modification.



Why translation companiescharge more than freelance translators?

Both translation companies and freelance translatorshave their own advantages. Translation companies charge more because theyprovide more comprehensive and considerable services, and they can handle largetranslation projects that the freelance translators cannot do. Professionaltranslation companies usually have complete QC standards and procedures so theywill charge team-service fee accordingly. Besides, with translation companiesyou can enjoy long-term and stable after-service without the worries behind.


Do you use translationmachine?

Absolutely not! We understand your worriesas we know well the quality of translation of your product manual directly influencesyour product image, sales performance and even your corporate image. It isobvious that the quality of machine translation is far behind the qualityrequirement for normal reading. We promise that all our translations are doneby human translators using their brains and wisdoms. 

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